Monday, March 2, 2009

Frontiers Special Issue: Intermarriage and Native American Indians

The latest issue of Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies focuses on Intermarriage and Native American Indians. Among the issue’s many valuable contributions are three of special interest to legal historians:

Katherine Ellinghaus, “The Benefits of Being Indian: Blood Quanta, Intermarriage, and Allotment Policy on the White Earth Reservation, 1889-1920.”

Tiya Miles, “The Narrative of Nancy, A Cherokee Woman.”

Cathleen D. Cahill, “‘You Think It Strange That I Can Love an Indian’: Native Men, White Women, and Marriage in the Indian Service.”

The journal’s website is here. Full text is available to Project Muse subscribers here.

(Photo: Marion Post Wolcott, "Home of Indians Who Have Not Been Resettled on Pembroke Farms, North Carolina," c. 1938, Farm Security Administration.)