Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wisconsin Legal History

Here is a website on Wisconsin legal history by the State Bar of Wisconsin's journal, Wisconsin Lawyer. Many of the contributions are by the Madison attorney Joseph A. Ranney, who is the author of Trusting Nothing to Providence: History of Wisconsin's Legal System (Madison: U.W. Law School, Continuing Education & Outreach, 2000).

The website posts the following essays:

* Pioneers in the Law: The First 150 Women

* The Making of the Wisconsin Constitution

* Molders and Shapers of Wisconsin Law: Chief Justices Edward G. Ryan and Luther S. Dixon

* Imperia in Imperiis: Law and Railroads in Wisconsin, 1847-1910

* A Brief History of Wisconsin's Death Penalty:

* The Limitations of Buoyant Opportunism: Law and the Wisconsin Lumber Industry

* Practicing Law in 19th Century Wisconsin

* Law and the Progressive Era, Part 1: The Good Government Movement in Wisconsin

* Law and the Progressive Era, Part 2: The Transformation of Wisconsin's Tax System

* Law and the Progressive Era, Part 3: Reforming the Workplace

* Aliens and "Real Americans": Law and Ethnic Assimilation in Wisconsin 1846-1920

* Wisconsin Law in the Age of Institutions: Chief Justices Winslow and Rosenberg

* The Rise of Labor and Wisconsin's "Little New Deal"

* Looking Further Than the Skin: A History of Wisconsin Civil Rights Law

* The History of Wisconsin's Women's Rights Law, Parts 1 and 2

* Practicing Law in 20th Century Wisconsin, Parts 1 and 2