Monday, February 8, 2010

Jerusalem Legal History and Comparative Law Workshop -- Spring Schedule

The Jerusalem Legal History and Comparative Law Workshop of the Faculty of Law at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, moderated by Adam Hofri-Winogradow, has announced its Spring 2010 schedule.

March 8 -- Yoram Shachar, IDC Law Faculty
Early Drafts of the Israeli Declaration of Independence

March 15 -- Steven Wilf, University of Connecticut
Legal Text and Intertext in Revolutionary America

March 22 -- Yair Sagy, Haifa University
On the Origin of Regulation: Charles Francis Adams, Herbert Spencer, and the Railroad Problem

April 12 -- David Schorr, Tel-Aviv University
Prolonged Recessional: The Continuing Influence of British Rule on Israeli Environmental Law

April 26 -- Amichai Radzyner, Bar
Ilan University
Bigamy Wars: the Making of the Prohibition on Jewish Bigamy in Mandatory Palestine

May 3 -- Avi Rubin, Ben-Gurion University
The State Prosecution and Court System in the Late Nineteenth-Century Ottoman Empire

May 10 -- Michael Birnhack, Tel-Aviv
Hebrew Authors and English Copyright Law in Mandate Palestine

May 17 -- Nathan Brun, Hebrew
Jaffa, 1912: Rabbi Kook, the 'Six Aldermen', and a Jerusalem Sexual Harassment Case

May 24 -- Alexandre (Sandy) Kedar, Haifa University

May 31 -- Yossi Katz, Bar Ilan University
Present-Day Uses of Modern Legal History: Recent Examples

June 7 -- Moussa Abou-Ramadan, Carmel Academic Centre and Ashraf Abou-Zarka
Muslim Ulama and Land-Ownership in Non-Muslim States (9th to 19th Centuries)

June 16 -- Joshua Getzler, Oxford University
Fiduciary Investment in the Shadow of Financial Crisis: Warnings and Solutions from Legal and Economic History