Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Robert Justin Lipkin

Moved up with an update.

I am so sorry to report the death of Robert Justin Lipkin, Distinguished Professor of Law at Widener School of Law. He was a thoughtful participant in the law blogosphere and a friend of legal history. I did not know him well, but profited from the times I had a chance to talk with him.

Professor Lipkin blogged at Essentially Contested America and Ratio Juris. He is remembered fondly at Widener School of Law, and around the web: here, here, and here. His last blog post, reflecting on the state of health care politics, asked Is the United States Any Longer Governable?

Via the Legal Theory Blog:

    My colleagues and I would like to let you know that Widener Law School will be hosting a memorial for Bobby at 4:00 on March 8th at the Law School's Delaware Campus in Wilmington. The formal program will last about an hour to be followed by a reception where people can share their thoughts and memories on a more informal basis. The address and directions to the Delaware campus are here: Click here: Widener Law - Delaware Visitors Center.

    Also, we are preparing a book of thoughts and remembrances about Bobby for his family and other people who were close to him. If anyone would like to write something specifically for the book, please let either Associate Dean Erin Daly or me know in the next few days. Also, please feel free to email with any questions about the memorial. I can be reached at andrewstrauss@comcast.net, and Erin can be reached at edaly@mail.widener.edu.

    Andrew Strauss