Friday, March 26, 2010

Davies on the history of golf and the Supreme Court

The Ancient and Judicial Game: James Wilson, John Marshall Harlan, and the Beginnings of Golf at the Supreme Court is a new article by Ross E. Davies, George Mason University School of Law, and Editor of The Green Bag. It is forthcoming in the Journal of Supreme Court History. Here's the abstract:
Golf has a long history at the Supreme Court, not only as a sometimes illuminating, sometimes entertaining interest of some personalities at the Court, but also as both a factor in and a reflection of the evolving work and culture of the place (and of the nation it serves). This article revisits a few early developments involving the first golfer on the Court (Justice James Wilson), the first golf enthusiast (the first Justice John Marshall Harlan), and the first golfing majority (October Term 1906).
According to this site, retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is a better golfer than Chief Justice John Roberts.
Photo: Sandra Day O'Connor golfing.