Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dudziak to Deliver the American Studies Lecture at Leicester

[We have the following press release heralding Mary Dudziak's delivery of an annual lecture at the University of Leicester. The event is also sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in London.]

At the University of Leicester's Annual American Studies Lecture called 'Law, War, and the History of Time', Professor Mary L. Dudziak will look at the relationship between war and time to ask if we are already in a state of endless war.

War is often understood as a temporary state, but America's continuous involvement in military action overseas throughout the twentieth century challenges this notion. In her lecture, Professor Dudziak will examine differing legal interpretations of the end of wars in the United States. In particular, she will take World War Two as an example of a conflict that is commonly believed to have taken place for a clearly defined period of time, despite the fact that legal attempts to define the war's end cover a span of 7 years.