Monday, November 15, 2010

Triger on Golda Meir and the Beginnings of the Pre-State Women's Movement

Golda Meir
'I Have Never Joined the Women's Liberation Movement': Golda Meir and the Beginnings of Pre-State Women's Movement is a new essay by Zvi H. Triger, The College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) School of Law.  The essay will appear in ONE CONSTITUTION AND ONE LAW FOR MAN AND WOMAN: WOMEN, RIGHTS AND LAW IN MANDATORY PALESTINE, Eyal Katvan, ed., Bar Ilan University Press, 2010.  While the topic is fascinating, the abstract is just a sentence, and the essay itself is in Hebrew.  Here's the abstract:
This article examines Golda Meir's complex relationship with the Jewish Women's Liberation Movement in Mandatory Palestine.

Note: Downloadable document is in Hebrew.