Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cromwell Fellowships Announced

At last week’s meeting of the American Society for Legal History, the William Nelson Cromwell Foundation announced the award of three fellowship awards intended to support research and writing in American legal history. (Preference is given to scholars at the early stages of their careers.)  The ASLH’s Committee for Research Fellowships and Awards reviews the applications and makes recommendations to the Cromwell Foundation.  This year’s recipients are:

Cynthia Greenlee-Donnell, PhD candidate, Duke University, for “Daughters of the Nadir: Black Girls and Childhood on Trial in South Carolina Courts, 1885-1905"

Jeffrey Kahn, PhD candidate, University of Chicago, for “Cracking Sovereignty: Haitian Migration and the Transformation of U.S. Immigration Law, 1974-1994"

Kimberley A. Reilly, post-doc, University of Baltimore, for “Bonds of Affection: Marriage Law and Culture, 1870-1920"

Melissa Hayes, PhD, for “Sex in the Witness Stand: Legal Culture, Community and Out-of-Wedlock Sexual Governance in the Nineteenth-Century Midwest.”