Monday, November 21, 2011

Lecture: Brewer-Carías on Hispanic Independence and U.S. Con Law Books

D.C.-area readers: This Tuesday, November 22, the Law Library of Congress will host a lecture by Venezuelan constitutional law scholar Allan Brewer-Carías. The topic is: "The Connection between the U.S. Independence and the Hispanic American Independence Movement in the Context of Several Key Constitutional Law Books Published in the United States at the beginning of the 19th century." 

Here's more, from In Custodia Legis:
The influence of French revolutionary ideas over the Latin American independence movement has been well-documented.  However, the strong impact that the founding documents of the United States of America had on the Latin American independence cause has received slightly less attention from scholars, and remains less known to the general American public.
Professor Brewer-Carías will seek to re-discover and highlight how the main documents related to United States independence influenced the thinking, design, and implementation of the principal constitutional structures conceived by the fathers of the Hispanic American independence movement.
More information, including about the accompanying rare book exhibit, is here.