Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Saban on Law and the Arab-Palestinian Minority in Isreal's First Three Decades

Theorizing and Tracing the Legal Dimensions of a Control Framework: Law and the Arab-Palestinian Minority in Israel’s First Three Decades (1948–1978) has just been posted by Ilan Saban, University of Haifa - Faculty of Law.  It appears in the EMORY INTERNATIONAL LAW REVIEW, Vol. 25, pp. 299-378, 2011.  Here's the abstract:
This article aims to provide three contributions to the field of law and minorities: it suggests adopting a different theoretical structure for the analysis of the legal status of minorities in deeply-divided societies; it attempts to advance us in answering one of the most fundamental questions of law and society – the intriguing involvement of the law in engendering stability among certain exploitive power relations (in this case vis-à-vis ethnic minorities); it presents these theoretical arguments not only in the abstract, but also by applying (and verifying) them through a case study. The major part of the article is dedicated to the exploration of the case of the Arab-Palestinian minority during certain formative years. As the discussion of law and minorities comes to the fore in many countries, this article carries comparative significance as well.