Friday, March 9, 2012

On the LHB Facebook Page: Legal History Across the Web

This past week on the Facebook page we offered some suggestions for readings on American legal historiography including Tomiko Brown-Nagin on Biography as History and Karen Tani’s very helpful list of readings for comprehensive exams, here and here.

Over the next week, we’re continuing with our focus on legal history as a discipline, but shifting to the web to highlight the various ways that ideas and methodologies in legal history are sustained by online forums and resources.  As Mary noted here, the blogosphere and the history community lost a wonderful resource this week with the closing of Cliopatria.  But historians still have a vibrant online community of resources and commentary.  And legal historians have a particularly strong presence on the web (take a look at the “recommended reading” and “law and history” links along LHB’s left column).     

This week on the Facebook page we’re highlighting web resources, blogs, and online archives for legal historians.  To start things off, you might want to check out In Custodia Legis, the blog of the law librarians of Congress, which as Karen noted here, is archiving the blawgosphere.