Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meeting of the Western Ass'n of Women Historians

Bay Area readers: This weekend the Western Association of Women Historians will meet in Berkeley. Here are a few items of interest:
Vicki Ruiz (image credit)
The keynote speech, by Vicki Ruiz (University of California, Irvine), titled "Las Dos Luisas: Latina Feminist Thought, 1900-1930."

The special session honoring Eileen Boris (University of California, Santa Barbara), featuring comments by Felicia Kornbluh, Lisa Levenstein, Jennifer Klein, and others.

The panel on "Women Challenging, Making, and Using Law," chaired by Victoria Belco (Portland State University). The papers are: "Beginning to be Citizens: Emerging Critiques of Marital Naturalization/Expatriation and Women’s Political Consciousness in the 1910s," by Shiori Yamamoto (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), "'Such Wretched Creature': Women, Crime, and Criminal Transportation in the British Atlantic World, 1607-1783," by Tess Rond (Washington State University), and "The Case of Isabella Nitti and the Transformation of the Right to Counsel in Criminal Cases," by Sara Mayeux (Stanford University).
Additional details are here. The full program is here.