Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1968: International Year of Human Rights

[We have word of the following session of Georgetown University's International History Seminar, which meets in Georgetown's Mortara Center, at the corner of N and 36th streets, NW, Washington, DC.]

Please join the International History Seminar on Tuesday, January 28, 6:00-7:30 P.M. at the Mortara Center, for Professor Sarah Snyder of American University, who will be presenting on "1968 as International Year of Human Rights." A 15-20 minute contextualization of the paper by Professor Snyder will be followed by extensive Q&A. We look forward to your participation.

For a copy of Professor Snyder's paper and/or the full 2013-14 IHS schedule, please contact Professor Aviel Roshwald at roshwaav [at] georgetown [period] edu. The paper will be provided with the understanding that it is a draft and not to be cited or quoted from without the author's permission.

The remaining sessions in the International History Seminar are:

February 4: Tara Zahra (University of Chicago), "Intra-European and Trans-Atlantic Migration during the Cold War"

March 4: Dane Kennedy (George Washington University), "A Short History of Decolonization"

April 8: Susan Brewer (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point), "Support the Troops: Domestic Propaganda in Wartime America since World War I"