Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tushnet, Mandery, and More Reviewed in the LPBR

The Law and Politics Book Review has released a new batch of reviews. Items of interest include:
Terri Peretti (Department of Political Science, Santa Clara University) reviews IN THE BALANCE: LAW AND POLITICS IN THE ROBERTS COURT (W. W. Norton & Company, 2013), by Mark Tushnet.  
UPDATE: Professor Tushnet has posted a response to the LPBR review of his book here, at Balkinization. 
Zachary Callen (Department of Political Science, Allegheny College) reviews THE CONTESTED REMOVAL POWER, 1789-2010 (University of Kansas Press, 2013), by by J. David Alvis, Jeremy D. Bailey, and F. Flagg Taylor IV. 
Mary Welek Atwell (Department of Criminal Justice, Radford University) reviews A WILD JUSTICE: THE DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IN AMERICA (W.W. Norton and Company, 2013), by Evan J. Mandery. 
Thomas G. Walker (Department of Political Science, Emory University) reviews THE EMBATTLED CONSTITUTION (New York University Press, 2013), edited by Norman Dorsen with Catharine DeJulio. 
J. Mark Ramseyer (Harvard Law School) reviews PUBLIC LAW, PRIVATE PRACTICE: POLITICS, PROFIT, AND THE LEGAL PROFESSION IN NINETEENTH-CENTURY JAPAN (Harvard University Asia Center, 2013), by Darryl E. Flaherty