Monday, January 6, 2014

Symposium on Beard's Economic Interpretation: Fall 2013 Issue of American Political Thought

The Fall 2013 issue of American Political Thought featured a symposium on Charles Beard's  Economic Interpretation. Full content is available to subscribers only, but here's a glimpse of the TOC:
Max M. Edling, Introduction to the Centennial Symposium on Charles Beard’s Economic Interpretation (pp. 259-263)

Woody Holton, The Readers’ Reports Are In (pp. 264-273)

David Waldstreicher, The Beardian Legacy, the Madisonian Moment, and the Politics of Slavery (pp. 274-282)

Eric Slauter, Beard’s “Politics,” Ours, and Theirs(pp. 283-291)

Max M. Edling,  Charles Beard and the Internationalist Interpretation of the American Founding (pp. 292-301)

R. B. Bernstein,  Charles A. Beard: Foe of Originalism  pp. 302-307)

Tom Cutterham, Charles Beard and the Politics of Radical Public History (pp. 308-316)
Besides the symposium, the issue includes several other items of interest, most notably Gordon Wood's memorial to Pauline Maier (pp. v-vi).