Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Balleisen's "Business Regulation"

Out next month from Edward Elgar Publishing but available for preorder now is the three-volume collection Business Regulation, edited by Edward J. Balleisen, Duke University.
This comprehensive collection conveys leading scholarly ideas on modern regulatory governance since 1871. The first two volumes lay out the rationales for and critiques of technocratic governance in industrialized societies. They trace the evolution of regulatory institutions, highlighting the most recent era of globalization, deregulation, privatization and regulatory innovation. The third volume presents influential frameworks for understanding regulatory culture in action, assessing the impacts of regulatory policies, and explaining regulatory change.

With an original introduction by the editor, this set is a definitive compendium for libraries, regulators, administrative lawyers, regulated businesses, NGOs and scholars of regulation from across the social sciences.
The TOC is here.  Here’s an endorsement:
Edward Balleisen's collection covers, for the first time, some of the
most outstanding scholarly works on business regulation. It offers
compelling testimony to the importance of historical perspective on
the issue of business regulation, and to the best of my knowledge
the most comprehensive and impressive scholarly effort of this sort
that is currently available anywhere.
– David Levi-Faur, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
The collection is not priced for the likes of me or thee, but why not see if your library might acquire it?  (Disclosure: an essay of mine is included.)