Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dinner to Emory Law

In the category of lateral hiring news, legal historian Deborah Dinner has moved from Washington University, St. Louis, School of Law, to Emory Law School. From her Emory bio:
Deborah Dinner is a legal historian whose scholarship examines the interaction between social movements, political culture, and legal change. Dinner’s research focuses in particular on how law responds to vulnerabilities that derive from familial and employment relationships, at home and at work. Her courses and curricular interests include Property, the Fourteenth Amendment, Family Law, Employment Discrimination, and Legal History.
Dinner is currently writing a book titled Contested Labor: Social Reproduction, Work, and Law in the Neoliberal Age, which examines debates about the meaning of sex equality in the late twentieth century. The book argues that neoliberal ideology, the rise of the New Right, and the transition from an industrial to a service economy foreclosed feminists’ efforts to achieve greater state protection for workers and caregivers, even as women made significant strides toward equal employment opportunity. . . . .
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