Wednesday, February 3, 2016

AJLH: Editors' Choice and TOC Alerts

[We have the following from Oxford University Press Journals.]

In March 2016, the American Journal of Legal History will publish its inaugural issue with Oxford University Press. As the publication of Volume 56 Issue 1 gets closer, the Editors, Stefan Vogenauer and Al Brophy, have pulled together this free access collection of classic papers from the AJLH archive, which is now available online.

Simply click on the article title to read. If you would like to receive automatic table of contents alerts from the AJLH, including our forthcoming March issue, please click here to sign up.

Morton J. Horwitz, The Conservative Tradition in the Writing of American Legal History, 17 AJLH (1973)

Michael Hoeflich, Law & Geometry: Legal Science from Leibniz to Langdell, 30 AM. J.L. HIST. 95 (1986)

Stephen A. Siegel, The Origin of the Compelling State Interest Test and Strict Scrutiny, 48 AJLH 355-407 (2006)

Morton J. Horwitz, The Rise of Legal Formalism, 19 AJLH 251-264 (1975)

John H. Langbein, The Origins of Public Prosecution at Common Law, 17 AJLH 313-335 (1973)

Karen Newman Gross,  Marie Stefanin, Denise Campbell, Ladies in Red: Learning from America's First Female Bankrupts, 40 AJLH 1-40 (1996)

Michael Hoeflich, John Austin and Joseph Story: Two Nineteenth Century Perspectives on the Utility of the Civil Law for the Common Lawyer, 29 AM. J. LEGAL HIST. 36 (1985)

James W. Ely, Jr., That Due Satisfaction May Be Made: The Fifth Amendment and the Origins of the Compensation Principle, 36 AJLH 1-18 (1992)

Adriaan Lanni, Precedent and Legal Reasoning in Classical Athenian Courts: A Noble Lie?, 43 AM. J.L. HIST. 27 (1999)

James W. Fox, Jr., The Law of Many Faces: Antebellum Contract Law Background of Reconstruction-Era Freedom of Contract, 49 AM. J.L. HIST. 61 (2006)

Paul Kens, The Source of a Myth: Powers of the States and Laissez Faire Constitutionalism, 1900-1937, 35 AJLH 70-98 (1995)

Jayanth K. Krishnan, Professor Kingsfield Goes to Delhi: American Academics, the Ford Foundation, and the Development of Legal Education in India, 46 Am. J. Legal Hist. 447 (2004)