Wednesday, March 30, 2016

AJLH 56:1

The American Journal of Legal History is now relaunched with the posting of the special issue: The Future of Legal History 56:1 (March 2016).

Introducing the Future of Legal History: On Re-launching the American Journal of Legal History
Alfred L. Brophy and Stefan Vogenauer

The Future of Legal History: Roman Law
Ulrike Babusiaux

The Future of the History of Medieval Trade Law
Albrecht Cordes

Constitutional Meaning and Semantic Instability: Federalists and Anti-Federalists on the Nature of Constitutional Language
Saul Cornell

A Context for Legal History, or, This is not your Father’s Contextualism
Justin Desautels-Stein

If the Present were the Past
Matthew Dyson

For a Renewed History of Lawyers
Jean-Louis Halpérin

Is it Time for Non-Euro-American Legal History?
Ron Harris

A Comparative History of Insurance Law in Europe
Phillip Hellwege

Legal History as Political Thought
Roman J. Hoyos

Constitution-making in the Shadow of Empire
Daniel J. Hulsebosch

First the Streets, Then the Archives
Martha S. Jones

The Constitution and Business Regulation in the Progressive Era: Recent Developments and New Opportunities
Paul Kens

Expanding Histories of International Law
Martti Koskenniemi

Sir Ivor Jennings’ ‘The Conversion of History into Law’
H. Kumarasingham

Federalism Anew
Sara Mayeux and Karen Tani

Law, Culture, and History: The State of the Field at the Intersections
Patricia Hagler Minter

The Future of Digital Legal History: No Magic, No Silver Bullets
Eric C. Nystrom and David S. Tanenhaus

Writing Legal History Then and Now: A Brief Reflection
Kunal M. Parker

Beyond Backlash: Conservatism and the Civil Rights Movement
Christopher W. Schmidt

Beyond Methodological Eurocentricism: Comparing the Chinese and European Legal Traditions
Taisu Zhang