Wednesday, December 19, 2018

ASLH Craig Joyce Medal to Hadden

At this year's meeting of the American Society of Legal History, the Society awarded the Craig Joyce Medal to Sally Hadden (Western Michigan University). From the Society:
The Society depends on the volunteer labors of its members.  It is fortunate in the number of its members who are willing to join in the business of the Society, which is to foster scholarship and teaching in the broad field of legal history.  Each year well over a hundred names appear on this website on the lists of officers, directors, and committee members.  Among that number, a few people contribute their time to the Society over many years in ways that are above and beyond the call of duty, even in an organization whose members have a strong sense of duty.  The Craig Joyce Medal recognizes those individuals.  It is awarded on an occasional basis to acknowledge and honor extraordinary and sustained volunteer service to the Society. 2018 recipient: Sally Hadden Sally Hadden’s contributions to ASLH have been enormous—too extensive to fully enumerate. For the last dozen years, she has served the Society as secretary, ensuring our meetings followed established procedures, documenting various deliberations, maintaining our website, and answering countless inquiries. In short, Hadden has been our brain trust and institutional memory. As her co-author and past ASLH president Maeva Marcus noted when she presented the award, “I feel something like John Adams did, when he wrote to a friend that his greatest gift to the nation was his appointment of John Marshall as chief justice. My appointment of Sally Hadden as secretary was my greatest gift to the ASLH.”