Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Tobin Project Jobs and Request for Proposals on Cultural Capture

The Tobin Project is seeking “talented recent graduates and current seniors” to “join our team as Research Analysts and Case Writers. Research Analysts work with leading social scientists and Tobin Project staff to generate and diffuse rigorous social science research aimed at solving important problems facing society. Case Writers translate such academic research into pedagogical case studies.

With the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), it is also requesting proposals for “graduate student research on ‘cultural capture’ and its relevance to executive branch rulemaking. Cultural capture refers to the possibility that informal connections between regulators and representatives of regulated industries, such as shared identities and overlapping social networks, may well lead to undue special interest influence. We are especially interested in proposals that will investigate the possibility of cultural capture through examination of ‘regulatory-adjacent spaces’—such as industry association meetings, policy conferences, and job fairs—where regulators and industry officials may socialize.”  Deadline January 18, 2019