Thursday, July 2, 2020

A Symposium on Schenck, Abrams, Frohwerk and Debs

We missed the symposium in the SMU Law Review 72:3 (2019) on the centennial of the US Supreme Court First Amendment decisions of 1919:

The Lessons of 1919
Bloom, Lackland H Jr

Born in Dissent: Free Speech and Gay Rights
Carpenter, Dale

Speech and Exercise by Private Individuals and Organizations
Greenawalt, Kent

The Clear and Present Dangers of the Clear and Present Danger Test: Schenck and Abrams Revisited
Krotoszynski, Ronald J Jr

Dissent in a Crowded Theater
Matsuda, Mari

"And the Truth Shall Make You Free": Schenck, Abrams, and a Hundred Years of History
Smolla, Rodney A

Deliberate Democracy, Truth, and Holmesian Social Darwinism
Tsesis, Alexander

Falsity and the First Amendment
White, G Edward

Originalist Reflections on Constitutional Freedom of Speech
Wolfe, Christopher

--Dan Ernst