Sunday, July 5, 2020

AJLH 60:2

American Journal of Legal History, 60:2 (June 2020) is now available online

Reforming Criminal Justice in the Ottoman Empire: Police, Courts and Prisons in Rusçuk, 1839-1864   
Mehmet Celik

Combatting Bias in the Criminal Courts of France, 1870s-1913   
James Donovan

Political Judging and Judicial Restraint: The Case of Learned and Augustus Hand   
Jak Allen

Law at a Critical Juncture: The US Army’s Command Responsibility Trials at Manila, 1945-1947   
Jamie Fellows

White Subversion of Public School Desegregation in South Carolina, 1963-1970   
Stephen Lowe

Book Reviews

Elizabeth Papp Kamali, Felony and the Guilty Mind in Medieval England   
Sarah B White

Anat Rosenberg, Liberalizing Contracts: Nineteenth Century Promises Through Literature, Law and History   
Victoria Barnes