Monday, July 20, 2020

ASLH Summer Research Grant Recipients Announced

[We have the following from the American Society for Legal History. DRE]

The ASLH is also delighted to announce the recipients of six small grants for graduate students. These $1,000 grants are designed to defray summer research expenses in the era of COVID. Congratulations to:
  • Alexander M. Cors of Emory University, whose project is entitled, “Colonialism on the Move: Land and Legal Disputes in the Mississippi Valley, 1760-1810”
  • Amanda Faulkner of Columbia University, whose project is entitled, “Making Identity in the Early Modern Dutch World”
  • Elsa Hardy of Harvard University, whose project is entitled, “A Visit to the Red House: Conjugal Visitation on Parchman Farm, 1918-2016”
  • Miriam F. Lipton of Oregon State University, whose project is entitled, “Bacteriophages and Antibiotics: How the Soviets and Americans Dealt with a Public Health Crisis when Faced with New Tools”
  • Chao Ren of the University of Michigan, whose project is entitled, “Oily Arguments: Institutional Disputes and Native Property Rights in Colonial Burma”
  • Doris Morgan Rueda of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, whose project is entitled, “Saving The Bad Kids, Caging Los Chicos Malos: Juvenile Justice and Racialized Surveillance in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, 1900-1970”
The small grants award committee consisted of Chair Rebecca J. Scott of the University of Michigan Law School; Dirk Hartog, emeritus, Princeton University; and Mitra Shirafi of the University of Wisconsin Law School.