Wednesday, July 1, 2020

BLHC Postponed to 2022

[We have, via the Irish Legal History Society and LPK, the following announcement of the postponement of the British Legal History Conference (BHLC) 2021.  DRE]

As a result of continuing uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, in particular in relation to international travel, the organisers of the British Legal History Conference 2021 have decided to postpone the conference to 6-9 July 2022.  This decision has been taken in consultation with the BLHC Continuation Committee.

The theme for BLHC 2022 is unchanged: Law and Constitutional Change and, as originally planned, the conference will be organised in association with the Irish Legal History Society.

A fresh call for papers will be made on 15 March 2021.  Registration will open in February 2022.  The conference website will shortly be updated.

To preserve the usual biennial pattern of BLHCs, arrangements will be made by the BLHC Continuation Committee for the conference following the Queen’s, Belfast event to be held in 2024.