Monday, February 20, 2017

After Runnymede: Magna Carta in the Middle Ages

Just out online in 25:2 of the William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal is the symposium After Runnymede: Revising, Reissuing, and Reinterpreting Magna Carta in the Middle Ages:

Interpretation and Re-Interpretation of a Clause: Magna Carta and the Widow’s Quarantine
Janet Loengard

The Church and Magna Carta
R. H. Helmholz

The First Century of Magna Carta: The Diffusion of Texts and Knowledge of the Charter
Paul Brand

Salvation by Statute: Magna Carta, Legislation, and the King’s Soul
Thomas J. McSweeney

The Great Charter Turned 800: Remembering Its 700th Birthday
Karl Shoemaker

Forest Eyre Justices in the Reign of Henry III (1216–1272)
Ryan Rowberry

Forest Law Through the Looking Glass: Distortions of the Forest Charter in the Outlaw Fiction of Late Medieval England
Sarah Harlan-Haughey

Magna Carta in the Fourteenth Century: From Law to Symbol?: Reflections on the “Six Statutes”
Charles Donahue Jr.

The Legacy of Magna Carta: Law and Justice in the Fourteenth Century
Anthony Musson

Magna Carta in the Late Middle Ages: Over-Mighty Subjects, Under-Mighty Kings, and a Turn Away from Trial by Jury
David J. Seipp