Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Legal History Turns from Schultz and friends

Here is another Commonwealth title we missed from The Federation Press in 2015: a volume edited by Griffith University'Karen Schultz, Legal History Turns. From the publisher:
Legal History TurnsThis volume concerns legal history turns – that is, new directions or volte-faces  in legal history and its interdisciplinarity. Legal history turns include deviations from historically-situated interpretations and practices in law and legal scholarship. The papers in this volume grew from the Griffith Law School’s Legal History Seminar Series, a public lecture initiative intended to contribute to the interest in legal history of the profession, judiciary, academe, and the public. Written by a cast that includes authors with internationally-impressive legal history credentials, this collection illustrates legal history turns’ dynamism and diversity, and is introduced with a foreword by The Honourable Justice Susan Kiefel AC.
Table of Contents after the jump.
The Hon Justice Susan Kiefel AC


Karen Schultz

Legal History Turns: Topics and Optics

Karen Schultz

Chasing the Chimera: Rule of Law in the British Empire and the Comparative Turn in Legal History

John McLaren

The Identic Turn: The Culpability of Accessories and Perpetrators

Penny Crofts

A Politics of Prosecution: The Conviction of Wonnerwerry and the Exoneration of Jerry Durack in Western Australia 1898

Mark Finnane

The Australian Constitution and the End of Empire – A Century of Legal History

The Hon William Gummow AC

The Biographical Turn: Lord Nottingham, His Case

David Saunders

The Many Meanings of Judicial Independence: Examples from British North America

Jim Phillips

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