Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Legal History Miscellany

A much-belated welcome to the blogosphere to Legal History Miscellany, the joint blog of Sara M. Butler, the King George III Professor in British History at The Ohio State University; Krista Kesselring, a professor of British History at Dalhousie University; and Katherine D. (Cassie) Watson, Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University.   From the blog:
The three of us work on various facets of the histories of law, crime, and justice, primarily in a British context. We might consider ourselves first and foremost social historians, historians of women and gender, or historians of medicine, but typically return time and again to using sources produced by legal processes or to the history of people’s interactions with those legal processes.  In addition to fancying an excuse to work together, we wanted a place to put interesting tales from the archives that never quite made it into regular publications, summaries of publications that do appear, reports on research in progress, and the occasional random musing that might be of interest to an audience beyond academia.