Thursday, May 18, 2017

Kochan on Zhang, "Cultural Paradigms in Property Institutions"

Writing for JOTWELL's Property Law section, Donald Kochan has high praise for legal historian Taisu Zhang's "Cultural Paradigms in Property Institutions," which appeared in volume 41 of the Yale Journal of International Law (2016). Here's a taste:
To understand the interplay between culture and the law, it is useful to evaluate historical developments of legal doctrines from a comparative perspective. That is the eminently valuable project undertaken by Professor Taisu Zhang in his article, Cultural Paradigms in Property Institutions.
Zhang exposes the sometimes “muted” perspective regarding the strong cultural influence and sociological concerns in property law’s development and its theoretical understanding. By comparing and contrasting his project against many of the other influential comparative property theory endeavors, Zhang identifies both the alignments his study has with previous literature but also where his richer understanding of culture’s role fills gaps or omissions in the existing body of analysis.
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