Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Watson on the Duty to Account

The Duty to Account coverIn 2016, James Watson, Banco Chambers, published The Duty to Account: Development and Principles with Irwin Law. The book examines the history of the duty of a trustee to account to beneficiaries for his or her administration of a trust. From the publisher:

This book investigates the history of the modern doctrine of account, and by that history, seeks to identify some of the principles and premises which help explain the application of, and which underlie, the action today. The common law account, and its successor in equity, is over 800 years old. There does not appear to have been any work devoted to an examination of that history published in that time. The focus on the book is on the question 'who is an accountable party'? The area of law focused on is common law and equitable remedies, namely, the account (including the subsidiary principle, the 'account of profits').
You can have a look at the detailed TOC here

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