Monday, February 26, 2018

AJLH 57:4 & 58:1

Here’s the TOC for the American Journal of Legal History, 57:4 (December 2017):

Herbert Lovelace. King Making: Brown v. Board and the Rise of a Racial Savior

Simon Devereaux. Execution and Pardon at the Old Bailey 1730-1837

Richard Hamm. Off the streets: The Origins of the Doctrine of Commercial Speech

William Ossipow, Dominik Gerber. The Reception of Vattel's Law of Nations in the American Colonies: From James Otis and John Adams to the Declaration of Independence

Adam M. Carrington. Running the Robed Gauntlet: Southern State Courts' Interpretation of the Emancipation Proclamation

Book Reviews

And here’s the TOC for 58:1 (March 2018):

Alfred L Brophy; Stefan Vogenauer

“In a Democracy We Should Distribute the Lawyers”: The Campaign for a Federal Legal Service, 1933-1945
Daniel R Ernst

The Lawfulness of Gender Reassignment Surgery
Penney Lewis

“Patent Property”: The Fulton Lawyers and the Franchising of Progress
Timothy Milford

Slavery, Race, and Outlawry: The Concept of the Outlaw in Nineteenth-Century Abolitionist Rhetoric
Deborah A Rosen

Book Reviews