Friday, February 9, 2018

Fuentes and Luz on Legal Education in the High Middle Ages

Edgar Fuentes, Universidad de Buenos Aires, and Luz Eliyer Cárdenas Contreras, have posted, in Spanish, Genealogy of the Assimilation of Normativity: Analysis of the Study of Law in the Origin of Western Universities.  Here is the English abstract:
This paper carries out a genealogical study on the teaching of law; for that purpose, it uses a descriptive-correlational analysis of the teaching and learning models of the first Western universities, borned at the end of the High Middle Ages. It presents in three sections the emergence of universities and law schools; the so-called mos italicus and mos gallicus, and finally establishes a correlation between the later schools with the original models. Finally, we reach the conclusions about the dependence of medieval structures and their genetic extension, even in contemporary contexts.