Friday, February 1, 2019

Fernandez on Kuby, "Conjugal Misconduct"

Over at JOTWELL, Angela Fernandez (University of Toronto) has posted an admiring review of Conjugal Misconduct Defying Marriage Law in the Twentieth-Century United States (Cambridge University Press, 2018), by William Kuby (University of Tennessee-Chattanooga). Here's a taste:
The rhetoric of a “marriage crisis” is a familiar one. William Kuby’s excellent new book gives us an incisive history of the way that a sense of crisis was invoked in debates about a variety of forms of marital misconduct and the backlash they inspired in the progressive era. Kuby expertly marches us through the way that late nineteenth and early twentieth-century American judges, state legislators, polemicists, and reformers of all stripes relied on ideas of common sense public policy and moral decency to police marriage in each of the five instances of marital misconduct he examines.
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