Thursday, March 5, 2020

AJLH on Alfred Brody

Last fall we announced that Felice Batlan was named co-editor of the American Journal of Legal History.  Now the editors have published an editorial in the on-line edition of AJLH thanking Alfred Brophy for his service in relaunching the journal:
It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Professor Alfred Brophy of the University of Alabama had to step down from his Co-editorship of the American Journal of Legal History, due to ill health. His vision, wisdom, and energy were crucial in the process of relaunching the oldest English-language periodical in the field in 2016. Many of our authors owe their publication with the journal to his readiness to help, warmth, and generosity. A distinguished and widely acclaimed scholar himself, he often shepherd more junior colleagues’ work towards publication. He will be greatly missed, not least for his contagious humour.
I'll add that I'm one of those authors indebted to Professor Brophy for his editing of an article and, more generally, am grateful to him for our exchanges as disciplinary colleagues over the years.  I'm very pleased to learn from the editorial that the editors are establishing an annual prize in his honor.

--Dan Ernst