Wednesday, March 11, 2020

"New Perspectives on Regulatory History"

The latest issue of Business History Review (93:4) is a special issue, New Perspectives in Regulatory History.

Introduction: New Perspectives in Regulatory History, by Laura Phillips Sawyer and Herbert Hovenkamp

Institutional Economics and the Progressive Movement for the Social Control of American Business, by William J. Novak, with a comment by Susie J. Pak

Anti-Competition Regulation, by Anne Fleming, with a comment by Rebecca Haw Allensworth

The Curious Origins of Airline Deregulation: Economic Deregulation and the American Left, by Reuel Schiller, with a comment by Lily Geismer

A Premature Postmortem on the Chicago School of Antitrust, by Daniel A. Crane, with a comment by Lina M. Khan

Prisms of Distance and Power: Viewing the U.S. Regulatory Tradition, by David J. Gerber.

The issue also includes the review essay, Corporations, Democracy, and the Historian, by Richard R. John.

--Dan Ernst