Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday book round-up

For this Sunday's book review round-up, I am borrowing from uber-history-blogger Ralph Luker. Here are recent reviews of interest in the book pages:

Robert B. Reich, "Critical Care," NYT, 1 September, reviews The Heart of Power: Health and Politics in the Oval Office by David Blumenthal and James A. Morone.

Ross Douthat, "Another One for the Gipper," NYT, 1 September, reviews Steven F. Hayward's The Age of Reagan: The Conservative Counterrevolution, 1980-1989.

Thomas Lipscomb, "A Declaration of Inconclusiveness," WSJ, 28 August, reviews William G. Hyland Jr.'s In Defense of Thomas Jefferson.

Gerard DeGroot, "When the Iron Curtain Unraveled," Washington Post, 6 September, reviews Michael Meyer's The Year That Changed the World: The Untold Story Behind The Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Winston Groom, "The Torching of Atlanta," WSJ, 28 August, reviews Marc Wortman's The Bonfire and Russell S. Bonds's War Like the Thunderbolt.

Jay Mathews, "I Pledge Allegiance to Core Knowledge," Washington Post, 30 August, reviews E. D. Hirsch's The Making of Americans: Democracy and Our Schools.

In David T. Beito and Linda Royster Beito, "T.R.M. Howard, an unlikely civil rights hero," LA Times, 28 August, Howard's biographers identify his ties to the movement.
Ralph regularly covers more newspaper reviews than I do, and he can be found every day at Cliopatria.

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