Thursday, May 22, 2008

Special Issue on The Constitution and Public Policy in U.S. History

The Winter 2008 Special Issue of the Journal of Policy History is out, but it seems not to be available on-line. The topic is The Constitution and Public Policy in U.S. History, and co-editors are Julian Zelizer, Princeton, and Bruce Schulman, Boston University. I participated in the superb conference where these papers were presented, and I think readers will find this to be an interesting and high-quality collection.

Here's the table of contents:

Introduction - Bruce Schulman and Julian Zelizer

Idea or Practice: A Brief Historiography of Judicial Review - Mary Bilder (recently posted on SSRN)

From Blood to Profit: Making Money in the Practice and Imagery of Early America - Christine Desan

Necessities of State: Police, Sovereignty, and the Constitution - Christopher Tomlins

Constitutional Revision and the City: The Enforcement Acts and Urban America, 1870-1894 - David Quigley

"The Least Vaccinated of Any Civilized Country": Personal Liberty and Public Health in the Progressive Era - Michael Willrich

Forging Fiscal Reform: Constitutional Change, Public Policy, and the Creation of Administrative Capacity in Wisconsin, 1880-1920 - Ajay Mehrotra

Woodrow Wilson and a World Governed by Evolving Law - John A. Thompson

The South Confronts the Court: The Southern Manifesto of 1956 - Anthony Badger

State Constitutionalism and the Death Penalty - Alan Rogers

The Equal Rights Amendment Reconsidered: Politics, Policy, and Social Mobilization in a Democracy - Donald T. Critchlow and Cynthia L. Stachecki

Governance and Democracy: Public Policy in Modern America - Morton Keller