Friday, September 26, 2008

D.C. Area Legal History Roundtable: The Pod- and Webcasts

As heralded here, the D.C. Area Legal History Roundtable convened at Georgetown Law on Friday, September 19, to hear four papers and accompanying comments. Now the webcast and a downloadable podcast are available here.

Customs and Commerce in Antebellum America

Alexander Hamilton and the Problem of Revenue in the Age of the American Revolution.
Gautham Rao, University of Chicago

Policy Entrepreneurship and the Warehousing Act of 1846.
Phillip W. Magness, George Mason University

Comments by Lawrence Peskin and James May

Moderated by Adam Mossoff

Citizenship and Protest: Puerto Rican Workers and American Suffragettes

A Rightless Status for Puerto Ricans: The Twilight of U.S. Citizenship, 1909-1917.
Sam Erman, University of Michigan

Parades, Pickets, and Prison: Alice Paul and the Virtues of Unruly Constitutional Citizenship.
Lynda G. Dodd, Washington College of Law, American University

Comments by Robyn Muncy and Dan Ernst

Moderated by Tanya Hernandez