Wednesday, September 10, 2008

University of Minnesota Legal History Workshop

University of Minnesota
Program in Law and History
Legal History Workshop
Fall 2008
Schedule of Speakers
September 18
Douglas Baynton, History, University of Iowa
Title: Defectives in the Land: Disability and American Immigration Law, 1882-1924.
September 25
Amalia D. Kessler, Law, Stanford University
Title: Deciding Against Conciliation: The Nineteenth-Century Rejection of a European Transplant and the Rise of a Distinctively American Ideal of Adversarial Adjudication
October 2
Jennifer Mnookin, Law, UCLA
Title: Machineries of Truth: X-Rays and Experts in the American Courtroom.
October 16
Adriaan Lanni, Law, Harvard University
Title: Social Norms in the Ancient Athenian Courts
October 30
Daniel Smail, History, Harvard University
Title: Goods and Debts in Late Medieval Mediterranean Europe
November 6
Rebecca J. Scott, History and Law, University of Michigan
Title: Rosalie of the Poulard nation (co-authored with Jean Hebrard)
November 20
Deborah Malamud, Law, New York University
Title: Letting in the Company: White-Collar Unionization in the Long New Deal
December 4
Nicholas Parrillo, Law, Yale University
Title: The Rise of Non-Profit Government in America: The Case of Tax Collection

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