Monday, September 1, 2008

Triangle Legal History Seminar

The Triangle Legal History Seminar has announced its fall line-up. All sessions are 4-6 in the afternoon. Individuals who would like to be on the distribution list for email messages should contact Edward Balleisen at

September 5. Mark Wilson, Assistant Professor of History, UNC-Charlotte Department of History, "Blood Money and Free Enterprise: The Politics of Military Contract Renegotiation in the United States during the Era of World War II" [at Duke University's Carr Building, co-sponsored by the Triangle Military History Seminar]

October 17. Robert Cottrol, Professor of Law and History, George Washington University, "Terra do Nosso Senhor: The Paradox of Race and Slavery in Brazil" [at Duke's Carr Building]

November 7. Philip Stern, Assistant Professor of History, Duke University, "'A Sort of Republic for the Management of Trade': Imagining a Company-State in East India Company v. Thomas Sandys, 1682-1684" [at National Humanities Center, and co-sponsored by Triangle Early American History Seminar]

December 5. Mary Beth Basile, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law, UNC-Chapel Hill, "'I Was Given a So-Called Hearing': The Treatment of Italians during World War II and the Constitution's Promise of Civilian Control" [at National Humanities Center]