Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fellowships for aspiring law teachers (and others)

Paul Caron at TaxProf Blog has updated his very helpful list of fellowships and visiting assistant professor positions for aspiring law professors. Some programs, like Law and Public Affairs at Princeton, are not just for law professors but for anyone involved in legal studies. While the majority of programs on Caron's list are targeted toward entry-level scholars, others, like LAPA, tend to go established scholars and practicing lawyers (junior and senior), making them a good route for a mid-career switch into law teaching.
One correction to the list: as noted here, the Hurst Fellowship in Legal History at Wisconsin is (sadly) no longer a legal history fellowship but instead has been replaced with a "Law and Society Post-doctoral Fellowship." This leaves Harvard and NYU as the two schools with legal history fellowships. With so much strength in the field, other schools should take note. With Wisconsin, a traditional legal history powerhouse, stepping back, this is a good time for another school with strength in legal history to build a new program for junior scholars and have an impact on the next generation of scholarship.