Sunday, November 23, 2008

Presidential-Congressional Relations at the Institute for Constitutional Studies

The Institute for Constitutional Studies announces its Spring 2009 seminar:

Led by Professor Richard Pious of Barnard College/Columbia University, the seminar will focus on "The Constitutional Law of Presidential-Congressional Relations." The seminar will meet at the GWU Law School in Washington, D.C., on consecutive Monday evenings (6-8pm) from March 2-April 6, 2009. This is a graduate-level seminar. Although it is designed primarily for graduate students in history, political science, and related disciplines, law students, advanced undergraduates, and legal practitioners are welcome to join the seminar with the permission of the instructor. All participants will be expected to complete the assigned readings and participate in seminar discussions. Space is limited, and interested participants should contact us at A description follows:

Have presidents since Eisenhower overstepped constitutional boundaries and created an "imperial presidency"? Or did the Founders intend a "unitary executive" equipped with plenary authority in diplomatic, national security, and military affairs? This seminar examines the intent of the Framers and the development of historical precedents and constitutional law related to executive powers, control of administration, foreign policymaking, and war powers. We will explore whether federal courts have resolved the most important issues, and, if not, what effect judicial abstention has on the growth of presidential power.

More information is here. Hat tip: H-Law.