Sunday, February 1, 2009


I have changed the comment set-up on the blog so that those wishing to comment must register with Google or Open ID (this is easy and free, and the comment page will provide the links you need). Temporarily opening comments to anonymous posts, which I did for the purpose of the ASLH conference open thread, generated some anonymous rants and other problems. Comments, unfortunately, remain moderated, largely to avoid spam.

If you would like to use the comment section to criticize the work of a scholar mentioned in a post, that is an appropriate use of the comment function, although such comments must be civil and substantive. I will not post unsigned comments like this, especially a comment that suggests its author has done research or viewed sources that substantiate the commenter's position. If you would like us to rely on your research, you should let the reader know who you are. When drawing upon sources to back up an argument, it is also helpful to specifically cite the sources, and where possible to provide links. Pasting a URL into a comment is an appropriate way to do that.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Problems with comments have caused other blogs to cut them off almost entirely. Readers often offer very helpful ideas in Legal History Blog comments, and so we will continue to welcome them.