Friday, February 13, 2009

Connecticut Legal History & Culture Speaker Series

The Legal History & Culture Speaker Series at the University of Connecticut Law School for this academic year includes the talks below. There is no link to only the legal history talks, but the full law school workshop schedule for the spring, which includes talks in all subjects, is here.

Sept 16: Mary Bilder (Boston College), Madison's Hand: Constructing Founding Intent

February 5: Jedediah Purdy (Duke), American Earth: The Public Language of Environmental Commitment

February 16: Mary Dudziak (USC), Law, War, and the History of Time

February 25: Daphne Barak-Erez (Tel Aviv), The Institutional Aspects of Comparative Law

March 5: William Forbath (Texas), Realizing a Constitutional Social Right: Cultural Transformation, Deep Institutional Reform, and the Roles of Advocacy and Adjudication

March 18: Christine Desan (Harvard), Beyond Commodification: Contract and the Credit-Based World of Modern Capitalism