Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Help wanted: women's historian

The Maryland Women's Bar Association is looking to hire a historian of women for a study of the history of women lawyers in Maryland. Here's the job description:

WRITER/AUTHOR - The Finding Justice Project of the Maryland Women's Bar Association Foundation intends to publish one or more literary works on the history of women in the law in Maryland. The current project, Volume I, will cover the period from the first admission of a woman to the practice of law in Maryland in 1902 until the era of the Women's Movement in the 1970's. Today, Maryland women serve with distinction at all levels of the legal profession, as lawyers, judges, professors and elected officials. The fact that some women have achieved prominence in the law disconnects us from the struggles faced by women in law historically, and obscures the significant barriers that still remain. The purposes of the history will be to understand the history of women in the law in order to determine the forces that bridged the legal system from exclusion to inclusion, and to demonstrate how individual female pioneers, in the context of their times and circumstances, struggled in their professional and personal lives to include women in the law.
The Project is seeking to identify an author. The writer selected will be a published author, with an academic background in women's history and social history. We are looking for an experienced, inspired author, with a love of history and a knack for storytelling. Familiarity with legal history issues and the diverse geo-political areas of Maryland would be helpful. The ideal candidate will be able to work collegially with the Project's Editorial Committee. The timeframe for publication is between 18 and 24 months. For more information, go to our website. Please send resume and writing sample to Finding Justice Project. c/o Maureen M. Dove, Esq., 713 Winans Way, Baltimore MD 21229, by February 27, 2009. Hat tip.