Thursday, February 26, 2009

Law and History Review 27:1 Now Online

Volume 21, Issue 1 (Spring 2009) of Law and History Review, earlier shipped out to subscribers in print, is now accessible on-line via the History Cooperative. A bonus is the transcript of the judgment roll, discovered by Angela Fernandez, in the favorite chestnut of American Property teachers, Pierson v. Post. It supplements the forum "Pierson v. Post: Capturing New Facts about the Fox."


polymathis said...


I noticed that newer issues of Law & History Review are online. However, for my research I am looking for the older 1998 volume: "When Christianity was Part of the Common Law", 16:27

Any helpful directions to find this particular article would be greatly appreciated.


Mary L. Dudziak said...

Issues from 1998 and earlier can be accessed via JSTOR:

If you don't have access yourself, you may be able to access JSTOR articles at a library. For example, university libraries should have JSTOR access.