Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Recipients of Canadian Legal History Awards Announced

According to the Law Times:
The Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History has unveiled a group of recent award recipients.

Mary Stokes, a doctoral student in legal history at Osgoode Hall Law School who is working on the history of municipal law in 19th century Ontario, will receive the R. Roy McMurtry Fellowship in Legal History. The fellowship supports scholars conducting research in Canadian legal history.

Myles Leslie, a doctoral student at the University of Toronto, will claim the Peter Oliver Prize in Canadian Legal History for his article, “Reforming the Coroner: Death Investigation Manuals in Ontario 1863-1894,” published in Ontario History, 2008. The prize is awarded annually for a published work in Canadian legal history written by a student.

Janet Ajzenstat, professor emerita at McMaster University, is the first winner of the John T. Saywell Prize for Canadian Constitutional Legal History for her book, The Canadian Founding: John Locke and Parliament [which is reviewed here].

The Saywell Prize is given biannually to the best new book in Canadian legal history that makes an important contribution to an understanding of the constitution and/or federalism.