Monday, July 6, 2009

Weiner honored at Rutgers

Legal historian Mark Weiner, has been named the 2009-2010 Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Scholar at Rutgers University, Newark. The award "honors professors who have done exceptional scholarly work on a subject of fundamental intellectual importance." A prolific scholar, Weiner's recent work, according to the announcement, "concerns clan relationships and chieftaincies in medieval law and society. Weiner’s latest work investigates how legal developments in the middle ages can shed light on efforts today to develop the rule of law in weak states and regions of the world which nurture international terrorism." Hat tip.
Weiner has also been named a Fulbright Scholar for fall 2009. He will travel to University of Akureyi, Iceland to teach "an intensive course on U.S. constitutional law and to conduct research for a new book about the destruction of clan identity as a prerequisite for the development of the rule of law and the contemporary historical consciousness of medieval kinship structures and legal institutions." Weiner was also selected by students as Professor of the Year in spring 2009.