Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Legal History Syllabi

If you are working on syllabi for next year's courses, a useful source of ideas is a collection of legal history syllabi on the Triangle Legal History Seminar's website.

Some of the links don't work, but you can find your way to Tom Russell's American Legal History syllabus, University of Denver College of Law, along with his links to documents; Elizabeth Dale's course at the University of Florida; and Barbara Welke's U.S. Women's Legal History Course at the University of Minnesota.

There is English Legal History, for example Robert Palmer's course at the University of Houston; Roman and Ancient Law, including Bernard Hibbet's course at University of Pittsburgh Law School; and a section on Global/Comparative/Non-Anglo American Legal History, with Sue Peabody's course, WSU-Vancouver, on Slavery, Freedom and the Law in the Atlantic World.

Also on the site is a link to the Center for History and New Media's helpful Syllabus Finder.