Thursday, July 9, 2009

Histories of Legal Transplantations

The symposium issue of Theoretical Inquiries in Law, "Histories of Legal Transplantations," is now out.

Western Legal Imperialism: Thinking About the Deep Historical Roots
James Q. Whitman

The Concept of Law: A Western Transplant?
Jean-Louis Halpérin

Transplantation and Mutation in Anglo-American Trust Law
Joshua Getzler

Transplants and Timing: Passages in the Creation of an Anglo-American Law of Slavery
Christopher Tomlins

Deciding Against Conciliation: The Nineteenth-Century Rejection of a European Transplant and the Rise of a Distinctively American Ideal of Adversarial Adjudication
Amalia D. Kessler

The Invention of Legal Primitivism
Steven Wilf

Race, Marriage, and Sovereignty in the New World Order

Jane Dailey

Constitutional Transplants

Morton J. Horwitz

Some Reflections on the Transplantation of British Company Law in Post-Ottoman Palestine
Ron Harris and Michael Crystal

Jefferson Goes East: The American Origins of the Israeli Declaration of Independence
Yoram Shachar

Argonauts of the Eastern Mediterranean: Legal Transplants and Signaling

Assaf Likhovski

American Moment[s]: When, How, and Why Did Israeli Law Faculties Come to Resemble Elite U.S. Law Schools?
Pnina Lahav

Foreign Law Between "Grand Hazard" and Great Irritation: The Bulgarian Experience After 1878
Jani Kirov

Legal Transplants and the Frontiers of Legal Knowledge

Michele Graziadei

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